Gestalt Therapy at Embodied Healing

At Embodied Healing, we offer an inclusive, supportive space to explore beliefs and behaviours, and the way we relate to others. We welcome all ages, genders and gender expressions, sexualities, and cultural backgrounds. Whatever your story, we support your metamorphosis, helping you explore your inner essence and live life to the fullest.

We offer trauma informed counselling to both Plan Managed and Self Managed NDIS participants.

We offer both face-to-face therapy, and online therapy over video calls and email.  You can book your appointment online, starting with a Free 15 Minute Consultation.

Individual Therapy

Available as Face-to-Face and Online Therapy

The relationship we have with ourselves is sometimes fraught with challenges. Unfinished business from our past may influence our experience in the present. Unexpected traumas and life itself may leave us at an emotional crossroads. 

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, or addiction? Have you lost a sense of direction for your life or feel like you’re existing rather than living? If you are struggling with your sense of identity, or experiencing a crisis of confidence, I offer a friendly, supportive, non-judgemental space in which to work towards understanding what is happening for you.

Working together I will help you understand the underlying causes of your issues, and to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and experience of being in the world.

The practice of Gestalt therapy focuses on your experience in the present. Working in the here and now Gestalt therapists always commence from what has most interest/energy for you now. This is not to say what has taken place in the past and what concerns you about the future are not relevant, rather they are explored in the context of how they are impacting/ influencing you now.

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Addiction

  • Bereavement

  • Relationships problems

  • Stress

  • Domestic violence

  • Low self-esteem

  • Sexual abuse

  • Sexuual & gender identity

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Relationship Therapy

Available as Face-to-Face and Online Therapy

Honest, authentic relationships are essential for personal wellbeing. Often, our personal issues play a significant role in our interpersonal relationships. It is also not uncommon for people in close relationships to experience challenges at times with how they communicate their differing needs and wants, their hopes and dreams. 

Relationships require ongoing effort and commitment from each person in the relationship. Are you experiencing a sense of disharmony or disconnection in your relationship? Do you feel like communication just isn’t working effectively sometimes or that conversations seem to often end up in arguments or distancing from one another? Perhaps it seems you want different things, or have different expectations of what you want your relationship to be. You may be experiencing a loss of intimacy and are worried if your relationship will last the distance. Sometimes, you struggle to communicate your needs.

Additional factors such as life transitions, ill health, the experience of aging, caring for a loved one, empty nest syndrome, physical decline or any sudden unexpected change can influence the life and liveliness of our relationships. Seeking therapeutic support at times of great challenge can be supportive.

If you identify with these feelings, relationship therapy can offer help to move forward. 

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Men’s Group

Available as Face-to-Face Therapy only

Group therapy offers opportunities to give and receive support, while enhancing our ways of relating. 

Navigating your way through life can feel like an uphill struggle. As men, we have mostly learned that society expects us to be strong and silent or bold and brazen. Any signs of emotion may be seen as marks of weakness, rather than valid forms of expression. Over time, these messages may have become internalised. You may have learned to silence your feelings and face your struggles alone. You keep your thoughts concealed rather than risking being vulnerable. As pressure reaches its peak, the cacophony of sound around you has muted the voice within. When you look in the mirror, you no longer know who you are. 

When life gets to this point, where can you turn for help? 

Mens therapy groups provide a welcome space to be with others. Knowing you are far from alone in your experience is reassuring. As men, when we learn to share ourselves with others, we also speak up. We can cry, scream and express ourselves without the pressure of holding back. We can explore emotions as they arise, and discover other ways of relating. We accept ourselves in the moment. The therapy space becomes a sanctuary where it is safe to express our deepest fears, and openly voice our self-doubts. When we are heard, held and accepted, we offer this gift to ourselves, and enhance our relationships with others.

Group sizes typically range from 5-10 members, offering a broad range of views to draw from.

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