Based in Brisbane city, Australia, I am graduating with a Masters in Gestalt Therapy from Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia in the 70’s and 80’s. I have been living in Brisbane for 23 years raising two daughters. I enjoy my creating and maintaining an urban permaculture garden, as well as camping in my tipi. As I move towards being trained as a therapist, I begin my 3rd chosen career following on from hospitality and information technology.

Throughout my life I have valued connection between myself and others as much as I valued food and shelter. It feels like, as I sit here writing this, that it was inevitable that I would commit to myself to learn the therapeutic healing arts. We are wired to connect and we long for safety to be seen heard and understood. I acknowledge a sadness in me that I live in a society where suffering is somewhat commodified and the part I play in that dynamic and I lean into the need to hold space in an environment that does not support safe human connection.

With the intention of supporting people to regain personal agency and choicefulness in their lives. I share what I have learned in my studies and how this shows up when you connect with me. 

What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy emerged 70 years ago and has evolved and changed with the times. Gestalt therapy is holistic in it’s approach in that it does not reduce distress to something wrong inside us and is not only interested in how our experience shows up in the body, Gestalt therapy considers our whole situation in life and how we relate to our world and what might need support to accept ourselves as we are, so that we can move onto new experiences.

There are four pillars of Gestalt therapy – phenomenology, dialogue, experimentation and field theory.

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