The practice of Gestalt Therapy provides a holistic approach to healing.

This compassionate, relational philosophy rests on unconditional love and acceptance. Within this safe space, all barriers gradually dissolve. We accept the reality of suffering. We welcome uncomfortable emotions and wonder what they might teach us. We awaken to (he truth within. Gradually, our ow n experience of pain becomes a portal to understanding. As we expand our conscious awareness, we let go of expectations. Through replacing judgment with acceptance, we are open to new ways of being that support our personal growth.

A hallmark of Gestalt therapy is awareness of feelings and sensations, and their impact on beliefs and behaviours.

The stresses of modern life mean that we are often on autopilot, moving mindlessly from moment to moment. Over time, we can lose touch with our sense of self and our connection to the world around us. The embodied. Gestalt approach helps us attune to our phy sicality and patterns of habitual thinking. Unconscious, personal defenses may block or cloud awareness. When we deepen our self-awareness, life gradually begins to make sense. We identify negative patterns, without punishing ourselves for regrets. We learn how psychological suffering may manifest itself in the body. We freely express ourselves without expectations for how we should be. Once we experience this shift in consciousness, we can rewrite our narratives anew.

At Embodied Healing, we offer compassion to ourselves and others.

We forgive ourselves for mistakes and release past regrets. As we deepen our sense of awareness, we see ourselves as we are, rather than who we think we should be. We drop our learned defenses in favour of honest appraisals. Like water, ripples of emotion rise and fall, while our essence remains unchanged. We experience the intensity of each moment without compromising our inner peace. This increased self-awareness helps us identify emotional blockages and their impact on our daily lives. Once we uncover these unconscious messages, we can actively release this energy to explore new ways of responding.