Trauma Release Exercises

What is TRE®?

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) is a breakthrough in stress management and trauma recovery. It is a body centred process that releases deep chronic tension created during traumatic or stressful events by deliberately invoking the body’s innate shaking/tremoring mechanism to rebalance after being in a defensive state.

Kali & Richmond TRE Australia

Kali & Richmond
TRE Australia

bullet Can Anyone Benefit From a TRE® Session?

These exercises are easily learned, immediately effective and self empowering. A typical TRE® session consists of a series of simple exercises to initiate the body’s innate tremor (shaking) mechanism to release stress, tension and trauma from the body itself without the need to talk about or remember specific events.

bullet How Does TRE® Work?

TRE® is an amazing, cutting-edge technique involving simple exercises to fatigue the leg muscles and initiate an involuntary, ‘neurogenic’ tremor. This tremor is builds upon itself and releases tension in the muscles of the legs, thighs, groin and glutes, and can move up the body, through the abdominal muscles and diaphragm, to the neck and shoulders, releasing muscles anywhere where there is held tension.

bullet What To Expect During a Session

Usually a session will be relaxing, there can be strong sensations as the tremor moves the body, but never any pain or strong discomfort. Occasionally the practice will bring up emotions, and we just witness them, stopping if we become too overwhelmed.

After a session many people report feeling more centred or grounded, relaxed, free of hip or back tension, and sleep more deeply. Improvement with anxiety & digestive bloating or discomfort is often reported as well.

bullet 1:1 Sessions with Kali

TRE® is available from the clinic at the above days or from the Yoga Temple on others days, by appointment. Call 0407 564 836 for enquiries or to book.

$85 for initial (1.5hrs, includes booklet)

OR $185 for 3 sessions (recommended).