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I have felt very noticeable positive changes to my being: deeper sleep, calmed and clearer mind, uplifted mood, after only one session of TRE with Kali. I felt very safe and supported, and appreciated the well structured and simple nature of the exercises. I look forward to experience more of this truly effective modality. Thank you Kali.

Kirsten McCullochAge 44, Qigong Instructor & Shiatsu Therapist

I have a long standing disc injury and used to get shiatsu & acupuncture treatment from Kali at her clinic. Since learning TRE I have been able to unlock a lot of of the tension in my muscles that were 'switched-on' since the injury. I've also become more connected with my feelings and able to notice when I get stressed, then take steps to relax before it escalates into tension & pain. I began Intuitive yoga classes with Kali, and have really enjoyed the Hatha Yoga. Core strengthening and stabilizing is essential to me to maintaining full function. The Hatha Yoga exercises allow me to fully energize and strengthen my spine without compression to the disc. I no longer require the physical treatments. I have since quit smoking and feel I have the capacity to be okay with my feelings like never before.

Andrew MacphersonLocal Hills Resident

Thank you so much Kali! Last night’s class was so wonderful! Today is the first morning in months that I didn’t wake up with a stiff lower back! I’ve been doing my own yoga and stretches… I wonder if its the TRE? I love it! I hope to come again!

Barbara Ma-ElAge 49, Entrepreneur

Kali's yoga and TRE classes were a saviour for me during a period of significant personal stress. I had begun to realise that anxiety was
posing some issues for me and had spoken to Kali about some of the theory and practise behind TRE before. It had made immediate intuitive
sense to me that such tremors would reduce arousal states as they do in animals. Luckily the issues in my life were such that I was forced
to admit to my anxiety, because the technique has had impact far beyond those particular issues.

It is particularly difficult for men to see the impact of anxiety in their lives because the symptoms, usually anger and other negative
emotions, are easier to see and identify with. It has been very interesting and encouraging to watch men around me begin to identify with
their own anxiety as I have begun to label and describe my own. Indeed it seems to be a relief to many to finally have an accurate and
singular label for what seems a multiplicity of discomforts.

The very first time I practised TRE I gained a profound sense of relaxation and even elation. As Kali explained it operates to lower the
baseline of arousal or anxiety that we carry around. This is a perfect way to describe the experience. I became aware very soon that I was
becoming far more relaxed and at ease than I could remember. From the moment I started I not only unwound much of the tension associated
with my current issues, leaving me less plagued by troubling thoughts, but I was also delving into generalised and older tensions that I
wasn't aware I was operating under.

Another advantage of TRE for me was that I could easily practise it on my own between classes, accelerating the rate of progress
dramatically. Not everyone can access the tremor as easily as I could but everyone I saw come through the class could achieve some tremor
first time and begin their body's own particular process to delve into the tension they hold. Not only did TRE help with those things that
I was suffering, whether I had been aware of them or not, it also re-fired my relationship with my body. This made a more regular
engagement with mindfulness far easier to achieve as well as inspiring me to marvel at the body's own wisdom and healing processes. It is
quite an experience to witness your body cycling through its innate healing patterns, to be able to direct and be directed by them, and to know that this concert is unearthing a better you.

Matt WilsonAge 42, House Painter, poet, father of 3

I completed a one day workshop with you (Richmond Heath, Level 3 TRE Trainer) about this time last year with a friend of mine.
I went to the dentist to have a tooth removed and she injected Novocaine in the main muscle of the lower jaw. The Novocain blocked all pain but didn’t wear off after the procedure and I was left with an immobilized jaw. I could only get partial movement and it was very painful to talk. Very difficult to work as a teacher when your jaw doesn’t move. I went back to the dentist and she said that I had trismas (lock jaw) and wanted to take an x-ray and refer me to a dental surgeon. I refused the xray as it was a muscular problem and an x-ray would not show that up and refused going to the surgeon as she would only want to operate. It felt as if the muscle in my jaw was in a permanently contracted state. I did a bit of research on the internet and started doing painful exercises to try and get my jaw moving at various times during the day with some relief but after a while the muscles contracted again.
After 4 weeks of this and many packets of panadol later, I decided that I was going use TRE. I hadn’t used it since the session I had with you, but it fixed my shoulder which also had contracted muscles that wouldn’t release and I had been in pain for two years with that problem. So I gave it a go and next day I felt as if my jaw was returning to normal. This was about 4 weeks ago, I am in no pain and I only did one session.

AnonymousFeedback from a woman who’s ‘Lock Jaw’ resolved after a session of TRE