About Kali Foster

Why am I qualified to help you with anxiety, chronic stress, tension & pain?

I am a registered Acupuncturist & TCM practitioner with 15 years of experience in body & energy work, and 4 years experience in teaching TRE® & yoga. I have presented workshops at Seven Sisters Festival & Celebrating Sexuality, and run regular 1 day retreats from my Yoga Temple.

I am currently training in Somatic Experiencing® – A body-oriented technique to heal trauma and PTSD. My research into the neuroscience of stress & trauma has been extremely insightful and has been a key factor in my own healing. Everything I teach has been tried and tested by me, and I share the best insights and techniques I can to help you achieve the results you are searching for.


Kali Foster
Acupuncturist & TCM practitioner

My story…

I’ve been working with the body since I started Shiatsu training at the age of 21. I continued to do bodywork while studying Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. I also explored yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong, Tantra & bellydance for myself. I opened Kallista Chinese Medicine in 2006, with instant success, then found out I was pregnant! After two babies close together I was suffering sciatica (with a mild disc bulge), and grew tired of “fixing” people’s back pain, when I instinctively knew the causes of their tension & pain were emotional, not physical. I continued until too much bodywork injured my right thumb, then I found myself at a crossroads…

My own yearning for health, happiness and healing led me to explore beyond the therapist-patient relationship. I trained in TRE®, and practiced it regularly myself. Rapidly my sciatica improved, my disc bulge healed, abdominal tension and bloating went away. I became less reactive to my husband and kids. I slept better. I also trained as a yoga teacher, and found that I loved teaching individuals and groups the techniques that could empower their journey at a deeper level. I also loved sharing the theory – insights from Neuroscience that helped me and have already awakened many of my clients to a new understanding about trauma (something we’ve all experienced). One of my clients exclaimed, after I had explained the theory of freeze response & PTSD, that she had had “15 years of counselling but none had ever explained it like that! Now it all makes sense”, she said, with tears of deep acknowledgement pouring down her face. That is what inspires me to get this message out there to everyone who needs it.

The techniques I share are fairly simple- TRE is profoundly simple, but does require some guidance from an experienced instructor. I have created classes combining yoga & TRE® to guide students more deeply into relaxing specific areas and muscles, especially the psoas, and because people love coming to a class. I built a Yoga Temple in our backyard to teach from – a luscious sacred space for up to 12, in which to share the classes and smaller workshops.

If you can’t make it to Kallista, TRE can be taught via Skype, as I can see your body positions via video, and talk to you at the same time.